SEXPO confirms: Sexy Cosplay is heading to Melbourne

You want it – you got it. Following the ridiculous success that was the inaugral SEXPO Sexy Cosplay Competition in Sydney in early May, organisers have confirmed that they will be bringing the event to other states. This means that cosplayers who like a “certain risqué nature” to their costumes will again be catered for, at the upcoming SEXPO Melbourne.

SEXPO Sexy Cosplay, Sydney 2016 (pic by whatabigcamera)

SEXPO Sexy Cosplay, Sydney 2016 (pic by whatabigcamera)

Taking place at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from November 24-27, there will be three Sexy Cosplay heats of 10 contestants, before a grand final on Sunday November 27 at 5pm on the SEXPO main stage. And yes, if you were wondering, Lucie Bee is returning as host.

Bentleigh Gibson, the man with the plan (and SEXPO Event Manager) says fan response has been overwhelming:

With the terrific support of the cosplay community, media, participants and audience in Sydney, how could we not give the Melbourne cosplay community a chance to participate as well? Since the Sydney show, we have been inundated with requests for a Melbourne version, we are simply responding to the demands of our audience.

If you want to take part, you’ve got nothing to lose. Even if you’re unsuccessful in your application (remember, places are limited), you’ll still be given free tickets to Melbourne SEXPO as long as you’re happy to rock up in costume. If you go one step further, heat contestants are given a show bag worth $250, heat winners get an additional $500 cash, and the Grand Final winner walks away with an extra $1500 in their pocket on top of the earlier cash and prizes, and an invitation (plus return airfares and accommodation) to the next Australian SEXPO.

…and we do need to specify Australian, there – SEXPO South Africa has also shown interest in hosting a Sexy Cosplay Competition, according to Event MD Sean Newman:

After the hype created around the Australian show we have been inundated with requests for the same to be held out here in South Africa. As proud members of the SEXPO group we are ecstatic to announce that we will be holding a competition based on the one held in Australia at our show in October. We feel it is a great new element to an already fabulous concept and brand and couldn’t be happier to carry the flag this side of the world.

So! Got a costume in mind? Want to know more? Want to sign up? Head to the SEXPO Sexy Cosplay website and you’ll find all the details.

(To see stunning photos of the Sydney event, check out whatabigcamera’s weekend gallery!)

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