No Man’s Sky developer wins secret lawsuit over name

One of the most anticipated games of 2017 is officially allowed to keep its name. This week, Sean Murray has revealed that his company Hello Games has been locked in “legal nonsense” for three years over title of his upcoming project: No Man’s Sky.

Turns out that British internet/cable TV company Sky UK LTD owns the word “Sky” in certain contexts – one of which may have impacted on the eagerly-anticipated video game.

And before you dismiss Sky’s claim because of course No Man’s Sky is nothing like Sky TV, Murray points out that this is the same sort of situation that saw Microsoft’s cloud storage service renamed OneDrive after the company kicked up a fuss over the planned SkyDrive moniker.

Sure, cases like this quite often end quietly (hello, Unravel), but they can also see games renamed at the last minute (remember Scrolls and Trenched?).

This time, at least, the judge’s decision went against Sky UK, meaning that No Man’s Sky can release in August for both PC and PS4.

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