The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is our next Zelda game

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the official title of next year’s Wii U/launch NX game. Featuring a vibrant art style that seems to blend the two visual styles of Skyward Sword and Wind Waker. And speaking of Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild seems to follow on from that entry’s fork in the series’ timeline.

The gameplay demo from Nintendo’s Treehouse Live stream starts off with Link waking up in a pool after a century-long slumber inside a cave called the Shrine of Resurrection. A voice (actual, recorded dialogue) calls to Link to “open your eyes,” and upon awaking he receives an item called a Sheikah Slate that seems to work like a key. We are then also treated to seeing a more developed loot system in that now clothes/armour can be equipped to provide defense and account for environmental temperature changes. Link uses the stone to emerge from the cave and lookout over a clifftop towards a sprawling, lush open field.

Official trailer of the game presented via Nintendo Treehouse Live.

Following from the loot system mentioned earlier, food (such as apples and mushrooms) can be found to provide health or create potions which give stat buffs, and trees can be cut to collect food or firewood – even make a bridge across a small canyon and start fires. Weapons can also be found about the world, and have stats attributed to them which means this entry in the Zelda series is going full RPG. Additionally, the Wolf-Link Amiibo from the Twilight Princess Remaster can used in the Wii U version to summon a wolf friend who will provide support in battle. If the wolf is defeated in battle however, it can not be summoned again until the following in-game day.

In the demo the player (who was at the time Bill Trinen of Nitnendo) uses the new jump ability (yes, Link can jump at will now) to climb rocks and platforms to show off the mechanic. Then an old man NPC — who seems suspiciously as if he will play a much larger role in the game — is discovered sitting by a fire who explains that the kingdom is currently in a “state of decay.” He also reveals that the field is called the Great Plateau (hint towards Wind Waker’s the Great Sea, perhaps?).

breathofthewild link armour

Armour and consuming potions for stat buffs will be crucial to gameplay.

Combat is a lot more frenetic and exciting this time around, as the demo took us to a bokoblin campsite. Link then found a large pot lid as a spoil from the battle and was able to equip it as a shield. Also making a return from Wind Waker are Koroks, the friendly “evolved” forms of the Kokiri children. The game also features a map system in which waypoints can be set, with points interest upon discovery will progressively appear. Supposedly, the overall game’s map will be equivalent to Twilight Princess’s map twelve-fold.

The demo’s segment ends with Trinen, Aonuma and other Nintendo representatives promising much more to come over the course of the day’s stream, without the risk of spoiling any major game details. As yet, no release date or specifics regarding the NX version have not been given.


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