Razer announces new VR headset to compete with Vive & Rift

VR seems to be all the rage again this year at E3 2016, with Bethesda being the latest cool kids to join the party by dropping the bombshells of VR compatible builds of Fallout 4 and DOOM last night at their presser.


Razer's HDK 2

Razer’s HDK 2


Following suit, it would seem, Razer has announced a new virtual reality headset for their open-source VR platform at this years E3. The headset is launching his July, and will set punters back $399.99 (USD).

“The HDK [Hacker Development Kit] 2 is equipped with custom designed lenses and an OLED dual-display for a total resolution of 2160 by 1200,” the press release stated. “It also includes IQE (Image Quality Enhancer) technology for a reduced screen door effect. Capable of displaying VR experiences at 90 frames-per-second, the HDK 2 hardware specifications are comparable to the best virtual reality headsets available now.”

The headset will be compatible with games designed for the OSVR platform, as well as Steam VR games that are compatible with a standard controller. Razer has also noted that the open-source nature of the system will allow hardware companies to create their own controllers.

Another little nifty addition to the HDK 2 is that it will feature diopters that will allow folk with glasses prescriptions ranging +4.5 t0 -2 to comfortably use the headset without glasses.

Razer’s original HDK will remain on the market for $299.99 (USD) but, as many have already addressed, does not compare favorably to the Rift or Vive.

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