Skyrim Remastered is real, named Skyrim Special Edition

Well, the rumours were true for once and Bethesda really are doing an updated version of Skyrim. The title will be Skyrim Special Edition.

There’s no word on whether all the DLC will be included, but it’s a safe bet.

What is included is a bunch of updated textures, which is nice. What will really make a big difference though are the updated snow and water shaders, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen space reflections… it looks gorgeous, even compared to a modded PC version of the game.

Also confirmed, mods on consoles! Just like Fallout 4 it’s all done within the game, with a catalog of mods available. It’s likely there will be some hard limits on what can be done in this fashion, but modders are nothing if not ingenious.

And when can we play this wonderful new version?

Skyrim Special Edition will be available on the 28th of October 2016.

Which is really pretty soon. And I am so ready.

[Update] Bethesda just posted on Twitter that all current owners of Skyrim and all the DLC, or the Legendary Edition, on Steam will receive the Special Edition for free on release day. Which is a pretty sweet deal, especially if you picked the game up during a sale!

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