Arkane Studios is working on Prey reboot

Normally when a rumoured game reveal doesn’t eventuate, fans are a little disappointed. Today might be different though – Bethesda has confirmed that it is not working on Prey 2. Instead, the team at Arkane Studios (Dishonored) is hard at work on a new game, simply titled Prey, due out next year.

We don’t know many of the details just yet, but Arkane is well known for its love of technology, stealth, immersive gameplay, and all the things that you’d want and expect from an updated Prey, so fans of the franchise can relax.

The debut Prey trailer shows what looks to be an entirely new approach – starting with a sort of Groundhog Day deja-vu and ending with a bloody battle, some slick costumes, fancy tech and general hype.

The game was rumoured to be in development two years ago, but Bethesda and Arkane have kept awful quiet on the topic. Now though, they can talk about it as much as they want – and we look forward to hearing what they have to say!

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