Bethesda E3 2016 News Roundup

Hi everyone, I’ll be writing this news roundup as Bethesda’s press conference is streamed. I’ll try to keep any of my own excitement under control!

Countdown timer has finished, and we’re treated to a… Quake tease?! Yep, all new Quake trailer showcasing a pre-rendered arena fight with some new and old weapons. Quake Champions is the name, and thus completes the classic id Software trifecta of classic shooters getting current-gen instalments. 120hz, uncapped frame rate, high speed action, new character abilities and attributes. More details coming via Quakecon in August this year.

The Elder Scrolls Legends, an upcoming card-based game based on the series, is up next. New story and characters, presenting the series in a new way. Head here to sign up for the beta which has been opened to more testers this week.

Cut to Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard for new DLC for Fallout 4 is coming, adding new creation features with Contraptions Work Shop and Vault-Tec Work Shop. New features coming to Fallout Shelter, such as a new combat system, and the game is coming to PC! Howard then goes on to announce Skyrim: Special Edition, remaking the original for current-gen releasing October 28th. Upgraded graphics, features and mod support for consoles.

Arkane Studios announces Prey! Set in space in 2032, this game looks entirely different to the original and the cancelled Prey 2. The main character is an experiment designed to supersede human potential and from the gameplay it looks like he’s undergoing some horrific biological changes. Shoot all the creepy alien things!

Doom’s creation tool Snap Map is getting some new functions like the ability to create single-player maps, all for absolutely free. New game types coming that are compatible with all current and future maps. New enemies, armour sets, taunts and more. Furthermore, for those sitting on the fence about getting the game, Pete Hindes announces that the first level of DOOM is available this week only for free on all platforms.

Now it’s time for Elder Scrolls Online. June 23rd the game will be coming to Japan. A new Dark Brotherhood game pack coming to ESO, featuring the infamous cult from Oblivion. Lots of stabbing and wolf-riding, looking very stealthy and assassin-centric. A more open way for players to connect with each other  by removing level restrictions for party building is coming, called One Tamriel.

Hindes returns to the stage to unveil Bethesda VR, providing new VR functionality and demos of the publisher’s famed franchises. Check out hell in a DOOM VR demo, and even play Fallout 4.

Harvey Smith of Arkane Studios reveals new in-engine footage of Dishonored 2. New environments, gorgeous updated engine, still a similar art style to the original; funky futuristic steampunk contraptions everywhere. Play as either Corvo or Emily from the original game, with Emily growing up into a supernaturally powered assassin too, set in the south Mediterranean-inspired city of Karnaca. Lots of new crazy powers that are too specific for me to write about here. Super-duper editions of the game are available for pre-order, and any pre-order of this next instalment comes with a digital copy of Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

All the lucky people in attendance live at the conference get a cool shirt. Sad face.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading, friends!

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