What’s on Player Attack TV – Friday June 10

Want to know what’s on Player Attack this week? Well, here you go – a quick look at what you can expect from the next episode of Australia’s newest video games TV series!

This week’s episode sees us – after literally ten years of waiting – heading to the cinema to watch the Warcraft movie. I remember watching the big announcement at BlizzCon in 2006, then paying close attention as nothing seemed to go right for the project. Finally, with a “new” director (and a “new” script), it’s really here… so is it worth the wait?

We also spend more time among the stars, with brand new space strategy Stellaris (the one that would send your name into the stratosphere). It’s not your typical 4X game – for one thing, it’s real-time, not turn-based… but how does that impact on gameplay?

And, with E3 happening on the other side of the weekend, Mike takes a look back at his favourite E3 shockers – those big announcements and reveals that didn’t quite go as planned. Never work with children, animals, or brand new experimental technology, apparently.

…plus, of course, we have all the latest gaming news as well – this is Player Attack!

How to watch Player Attack:
In Australia: Friday nights on Aurora at 9pm AEST (8:30 SA, 6pm WA).
Online: Any time at PlayerAttack.com, or on YouTube!

Player Attack is also on Facebook and Twitter, so there’s no excuse not to be up to date!

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