Watch_Dogs 2 to be officially revealed tomorrow: Here’s what we know!

Here’s three things we already know about Watch_Dogs 2.
1: It’s a real thing! 2: It’s set in San Francisco! 3: It’s due in November!
…if you want to know more, you won’t have to wait until E3 – Ubisoft’s got a big reveal planned, so you’ll need to be online tomorrow for all the details.

The online festivities will kick off on Wednesday June 8 at 9am Pacific (click that link for info in your timezone), and we’ll have all the details here just as soon as we can.

Of course, Ubisoft didn’t mean for you to know quite so much about the game quite so early. The release date and setting were supposed to be part of the glorious reveal, but a pesky ad banner plastered all over kinda let the cat out of the bag (screenshot captured by Eurogamer). The ad shows the same disguised protagonist as an earlier leak (this is not Aiden Pearce), pictured in front of an easily-recognisable Golden Gate Bridge.



The original Watch_Dogs, released in 2014, broke new ground for Ubisoft as it stepped into an open world Chicago and explored the concept of hyperconnectedness. Despite some negative reviews, it was a hit with fans, selling 4 million copies in its first week, and this sequel looks set to be one of Ubisoft’s biggest games of the next little while. More information, probably, on the way next week at E3.

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