Super Mario Maker gets a visit from Shaun the Sheep

Don’t go thinking that all the cool Super Mario Maker costumes are only available in Japan. Sure, they might have had Babymetal, but Nintendo is giving European gamers something fleecier: Shaun The Sheep.

Nintendo of Europe has struck a deal with Aardman Animation, producers of Shaun the Sheep (yes, and Wallace and Gromit) to create a pixellated version of our fleecy friend, complete with unique sound effects.

As with most unlockable costumes, you’ll play as Shaun the Sheep in the new course (available to everyone from the Course World menu option), and once you beat the surprisingly-difficult level, the costume is yours to keep!

Shaun the Sheep is available in Super Mario Maker for a limited time – you will, of course, need a copy of Super Mario Maker on Wii U for this all to work, but you’ve already got that, right?

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