Free game! Westwood’s classic action RPG Nox available now

Westwood Studios may be long gone, but the developer’s games live on. This week, we’re reminded of the isometric action RPG Nox, originally released in 2000 (after the EA acquisition), and inspired by Gauntlet, Mortal Kombat and Quake. It’s available right now, for free, thanks to EA’s On The House promotion.

Your three class options in Nox

Your three class options in Nox

Westwood, of course, was the studio that created the original Command & Conquer series, as well as working on Dune II and The Legend of Kyrandia. Nox might not be the most well-known of their games, but it’s worth a revisit.

The quick-paced Nox is commonly compared to Diablo II, which was released five months later. It features voice acting from English veteran Ian Abercrombie (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Joanna Crombie (Zhora from Blade Runner), and Seann William Scott, fresh from his breakout role as Stifler in American Pie.

You play as Jack, a young earthling who is transported to a high-fantasy alternate universe. While in the Land of Nox, Jack must defeat the evil sorceress Hecubah, in his efforts to return home. You choose from three different classes – warrior, conjurer or wizard – with each class following a unique (linear) storyline.

Unfortunately, while the game’s multiplayer was reportedly very good, the official servers were taken down years ago, so the only option to play with your friends now is via LAN.

If you want to try it out, Nox is available now – for free – directly from EA. All you need is an installed copy of Origin, and you’re good to go!

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