Thank Gaming It’s Friday! June 3rd, 2016

Welcome to Player Attack’s TGIF, Thank Gaming It’s Friday! A weekly feature where we talk about what we’re doing over the weekend whether it’s games, movies, TV, books or anything else! We’d love to hear what you’re up to as well – heck, you might come across some like-minded people and become super friends!

Jello | @MangieV
I’m moving house this weekend and will be without a non-mobile phone internet connection, and with the new Witcher 3 update that cleans up the UI, I’ll definitely be spending some time getting back into that. Also Fallout 4 too since mods are now on Xbox One!

Mike | @MikeNotridge
The only thing I’m caring about at the moment gaming-wise is the fact that the 2nd and final expansion for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Blood & Wine is now out! I’ll be diving back in head-first and letting it wash all over me the same way that the last 100 hours of Witcher has 🙂

I don’t see myself playing much else besides that but would love to play some more DOOM if I get a chance!

Jessica | @dotarray
I’m not sure I’ll have much of a chance to play anything this weekend, as I’ll be too busy getting ready for E3 (right now, that means taking a sledgehammer to my calendar, trying to fit everything in)! Wait, what am I saying, I’ll still find the time to use up all my iPhone battery playing Doomsday Clicker. Not sure about anything more substantial, though…

(The wall is the calendar.)

(The wall is the calendar.)

Matthew | @Mythor
The world could always use more heroes and the enemy team could always use more pulse bombs, right Tracer? Weee! (That would be Overwatch…)

Might also rewatch the original Independence Day, because I could have sworn Brent Spiner’s character died.

Mel | @melloncatis
Friday night me and a group of stellar individuals are going to a TOP GUN 30th anniversary screening. Jealous much?

Goodness gracious…

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