Fallout 4 mod support unleashed on Xbox One

Starting today, your game of Fallout 4 could look very different on Xbox One. Bethesda has officially opened the floodgates and allowed the game’s modding community onto Microsoft’s console. This means that – at time of writing – there are nearly 900 mods that can run on Xbox One, some of which can change the game completely.

A subtle mod for Fallout 4

A subtle mod for Fallout 4

Because of how much these mods can change the base game, Achievements are disabled the moment you load one into memory. This is not something unique to Fallout, but it’s worth noting if you haven’t played much with mods before.

You can simply download the mods directly from the game – or you can grab them from the Bethesda website and put into your game library. Once you enable mods and install the ones you’ve chosen, the game will need to restart to load the mods into memory – and if you choose to disable the function, you’ll need another reboot to clear them all out again.

And while you might want to download All The Things, there’s a very good reason not to: Mods will be limited to a 2GB download – which includes inactive files that you’ve downloaded to use “someday”. This limit might be increased at some stage, but for now, download and install with caution.

If you’ve already got a save game that you would like to experiment with, you won’t lose your progress even if you load up a mod. Instead, future saves will be added to a separate section, so you’ll see two copies of the same game.

Another interesting inclusion is the ability to arrange your mods into a specific load order – just like you can on PC. This might not mean much to you if you only want to make one or two changes, but if you install multiple mods, you might run into issues and conflicts. To avoid them, it can be as simple a matter of re-organising the order the mods are loaded in – one might rely on another to run properly (or one might need to be loaded onto a blank slate). The Nexus Mods forum explains this better than I can.

The Fallout 4 modding community for PC is going strong: More than one million mods were downloaded within two weeks of the software going live, and – at time of writing – there are nearly 1400 mods to download.

If you’re a PlayStation 4 fan, don’t worry. Bethesda has said that Fallout 4 mods are coming to you guys as well – we’re anticipating a 30-day exclusivity window for Xbox One, so your new content should arrive in late June.

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