Ex-Lionhead devs reveal secret Fable game

If you want a Fable game, there’s one on the way, from former Lionhead developers… but even though it’s set in the traditional universe, it might not quite be what you’re expecting. Titled Fable Fortune, it’s actually a digital card game.

A glimpse of Fable Fortune

A glimpse of Fable Fortune

According to reports, a small team at Lionhead had been working on the card battler for a year and a half before the studio was unceremoniously shut down earlier this year. The game was never officially announced, let alone released, but that same bunch of developers didn’t want to see it die.

Tomorrow, at 3pm London time (What’s that in my timezone?), Flaming Fowl Studios will officially launch the crowdfunding campaign for Fable Fortune. The developer – co-founded by Lionhead veterans Craig Oman, Mike West and Marcus Lynn – is asking for £250,000 to finish work on the free-to-play card game. It’s something similar to Hearthstone, featuring eight unique heroes, but there are plenty of differences. Fable Fortune will feature a “more engaging” 3D art style and fancy online co-op against AI enemies, using themed decks.

The cards themselves are sourced directly from Fable history – some using characters, concepts and locations familiar to fans, others shining a light on unused concept art.

A closed beta is expected to be ready soon after the completion of the Kickstarter campaign, with an open beta following for PC and Xbox One in October, and the full game anticipated for early 2017.

Development that had been completed at Lionhead has been brought directly over to the new project and – crucially – Microsoft has given Flaming Fowl permission to use the Fable license. The team at IGN have the full story – including the tidbit that Fable Fortune was originally planned to be part of Fable 2 – and for more details, head to FlamingFowl.com.

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