Take a look at Unreal Tournament’s Underland level

Development on Unreal Tournament has been chugging away quietly for a while now. Today, the team’s revealed a brand new deathmatch level for us to look at – the beautifully titled Underland.

The map features a hidden outpost that guards the entrance to the Underland caverns. This outpost, “once lost for a thousand years”, has now made the perfect venue for 6-8 people to duke it out.

Now, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from the Unreal Tournament project, so let me recap. The game – a delicious revamp of the 1999 shooter – is being created by both Epic Games and the dedicated community. If you’d like to chip in, you can contribute code or content, create your own levels, or just provide feedback on what’s already been done. (Epic would like to thank forum member Archer6621 for suggesting the perfect name for this new level!)

Of course, to do all that, you’ll need to actually play the game. It’s available right now – in a pre-Alpha state – in the Epic Games Launcher. For more information, head to UnrealTournament.com

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