No more physical Gwent cards from June 10

CD Projekt RED has announced that if you want to get your real-world Gwent cards, you’ll have to act fast. Of course, you’ll be able to play Gwent within The Witcher 3 for as long as you like, but orders for the physical decks will cease on June 10.

This is how you play Gwent.

This is how you play Gwent.

If you haven’t gotten your cards yet and still really want some, you’ve still got time. Simply pick up the limited edition of The Witcher 3 expansions – Hearts of Stone or Blood and Wine – and the physical cards are included. Don’t want to buy a physical copy of a game just to get some cards? Grab the digital expansions instead. You can provide CD Projekt RED with proof of purchase and an extra $10, and you’ll get the physical deck as well.

Gwent-HeartsOfStone Gwent-BloodAndWine

…of course, the two expansions come with different decks – Hearts of Stone contains the Scoia’tael and Monsters decks (in a blue box), while Blood and Wine has the Northern Realms and Nilfgaard decks (in a red box).

Be quick, though: Blood and Wine launches on May 31st, and the studio plans to close the Gwent redemption program on June 10, 2016 – as long as stocks last that long.

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