REVIEW: DOOM [PC / Xbox One / PS4]

Doooooooooommmmmmmm! Oh Doom, it must now be one of the longest running game franchises. Doom was originally created by id software in 1993. This was followed by a number of spin offs, Doom II, Doom 3 and finally back to good old Doom again.

(By the way, I’m going to refer to Doom, which is the latest 2016 version – and Original Doom, which is the 1993 version… very confusing.)

The Doom franchise had some mis-steps. Doom 3, which came out back in 2004, still has an ongoing joke about highly intelligent enemies that only had the ability to charge or sidestep, and of course the complaint that the game was darker than a black cat at midnight.

So when the latest Doom was announced, the first question we asked: “Will we need a flashlight to see where we are going?” The answer was a resounding “Hell no!” (see what I did there?). I didn’t use a flashlight once, I don’t even think there are flashlights.

This new Doom has gone down a different approach. Gone are the days of dark passageways, and back are the days of lava, bright colors and a strangely high amount of orange. The original Doom back in the day was known for how it looks, and today’s incarnation doesn’t disappoint. This is a game that deserves the latest of everything to get the most out of it. I played on PC with everything on the highest setting, and I wasn’t disappointed. The game looks – and sounds! – demonically delicious. It’s also one you want to play with the music on. It complements the game with Australian composer Mick Gordon bringing a Tool / Nine Inch Nails sound to the game, ramping up and down as the tension requires.



Here is a quick rundown of the story to bring you up to speed: You have woken up on a Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) research facility on Mars only to discover that the place has been overtaken by Hell daemons, who have ether converted or killed everyone.

Olivia Pierce, a researcher, has flipped out and opened a portal to hell. Now, it is your job to close that portal, with the help of Samuel Hayden a researcher (who is in robot form), and your trusty computer VEGA. There is really only one way to achieve your goal, and that is to shoot your way there.

This brings me to the guns!
Firstly, like the Original Doom, you are in fact the strongest man in the world, able to somehow carry all your weapons at once. And there are a lot of weapons in this game, including some old favourites like the shotgun, the chain gun and everyone’s favourite, the BFG (admit it: If you had unlimited shells, you would just use the BFG for everything). No matter what you use, it is a lot of daemon killing fun.

And on that note im going to talk about some of the things I didn’t like. Doom is an old school shooter. It feels like an old school shooter, and it plays like an old school shooter, but the weapons require upgrades like a new school shooter. If I have a gun in Doom, I don’t want to have to upgrade it so the chain gun can spin without firing. I don’t want to have to upgrade the rocket launcher so I can 3-shot. And I don’t want the guns to be nerfed till I upgrade the bullets. Just let me shoot things.

The suit was the same. You need to find power orbs, or these things that look like oversized memory cards, just to upgrade the suit. Just let me power up the armour, give me more health and I will be happy. I know this is the way of all games now, but seriously it drives me insane, It’s doom, just let me shoot, don’t make me manage suits.

And the second thing I wasn’t a fan of was, I’m sorry to say, some of the combat. It got a little repetitive. Each of the big battles had waves of enemies. The problem is the waves were all very similar, so it felt like the same fight over and over. That said, the predictability made it easy to know what weapons to keep on hand to use later, and what to expect. And at least the enemies are a lot smarter than they were in Doom 3.

Doom also comes with multiplayer, it’s a fast, Quake-style multiplayer with modern-day upgrades. It really feels like Quake to play, however with a lack of fan-run servers, or even a server browser im not sure how long the multiplayer community will last for.

Lets face it. If you love Doom, you will love this Doom – it is really everything you want in a old school shooter. Yes it has some new game shine on it, but it plays, feels and has the same attitude as the original. Some modern shooter fans might find it a little lacking, but if you grew up with Duke Nukem, Unreal, Wolfenstein and the original Doom, you will have some fun with this one.

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