Are these the dates for the 2016 Steam Summer Sale?

A new year, a new leak: Looks like the dates for the 2016 Steam Summer Sale have been made public a while before Valve might have wanted them to be. After years of third party slip-ups, this year’s leak looks like it came from within the company itself- so someone’s getting a hefty slap on the wrist.

The story was first shared by Reddit user MrFreemanBBQ, who posted a screenshot (in Russian) that allegedly shows “confidential information” from Valve stating that the Summer Sale will start on June 23 at 9:45am Pacific, and run until July 4 at 10am.

Ah, MrFreemanBBQ. We meet again.

Ah, MrFreemanBBQ. We meet again.

And while anyone could publish just about anything and claim it is “confidential information”, please note that MrFreemanBBQ has a pretty solid track record when it comes to Steam leaks. The Redditor has leaked the correct dates for a number of Steam sales, including last year’s Summer Sale.

Whether or not you’re prepared to believe this one is up to you – but whether the sale launches on June 23 or not, it’ll be starting some time around then, so you’d better gird your wallets and think carefully about whether you’ll actually play all those games you’re buying.

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