These blacksmiths have made Alice’s Vorpal Blade

If you played Alice: Madness Returns, you’d be familiar with Alice’s iconic Vorpal Blade, which the team at Spicy Horse designed as an over-sized kitchen knife, rather than the more traditional sword or dagger we’ve seen before. Now, the team at Baltimore Knife and Sword have taken the time to turn the digital design into a beautiful real-world weapon.

This isn’t a simple matter of form over function – the team has carefully and painstakingly created a blade that should defend you from just about anything (including those pesky milk bottles).

Happily, they’ve also carefully created a behind-the-scenes video to show you how it was made, from forging the blade in a traditional style, crafting the handle, and then etching the Lewis Carroll-inspired vinework directly onto the metal.

This isn’t the first video game blade tackled by the Man at Arms: Reforged program – a month ago, they created the stunning Great Sword of Artorias from Dark Souls III. More are on the way, so if you like what you see, hop on over to AWE me on YouTube for your weaponry fix every second Monday.

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