Secret Identity: Comic book update for week beginning 15th May 2016

Tash here from Brisbane’s Secret Identity Comics (7/139-145 Charlotte Street), shining a spotlight on the world of comic book news and new releases. Lots of news this week, so let’s get straight into it, shall we?!

Darwyn Cooke's take on Teen Titans

Darwyn Cooke’s take on Teen Titans

Publisher and industry news
The comic industry is in mourning this week at the death of Darwyn Cooke, award-winning animator, writer and artist known for his critically acclaimed works “DC: The New Frontier”, “Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter”, “The Spirit” and “Catwoman.” Cooke passed away aged 53 following a battle with cancer, and was remembered fondly by colleagues and friends, with DC Entertainment calling his take on iconic DC heroes as ‘some of the most beautiful, fun DC superhero images we have ever seen.’

In happier industry news, Image has recently announced plans to publish She Changed Comics, a full-colour book by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund which explores the history of women in comics from the 1800’s to present day. The book, available in October, will retail for $14.99 USD and will feature profiles of over 60 women who have had an impact on comics history. In addition, the book will also feature interviews with women creators working in the industry today.

In case you missed it as part of DC’s huge Rebirth line-up, the character of Superman is set to be receiving quite an intriguing shakeup, with news that a New Super-Man title will be part of the Rebirth event. New Super-Man sees a teenage boy from Shanghai inheriting the powers of Superman and according to new solicitation info just released for the second issue of the series, it looks like we’ll also be seeing New Bat-Man and New Wonder-Woman as part of the ongoing title. And don’t worry – for those who like their classic Superman – Rebirth will also feature other Superman titles including Action Comics and Superman.

Movie and TV tie-in news
For those of you waiting with bated breath for news regarding the Gambit film – producer Simon Kinberg has recently confirmed that progress on the X-Men spinoff movie is still moving ahead, and that delays to the movie’s release date have been as a result of those involved wanting to get the movie’s tone and script right. Kinberg has further confirmed that the script has now been completed, and if everything goes to plan, filming on the movie could start later this year. No release date has yet been set in stone.

Sad news for Agent Carter fans with confirmation this week that ABC has opted not to renew the series for a third season. However, there may still be hope for the series, with an online petition created in the wake of the cancellation news calling on Netflix to pick up the show. The petition has already received over 49,000 signatures, and if you want to add your name to the ever-growing list of supporters, you can find the petition here.

From cancellation to renewal news (of a sort) – Supergirl Season 2 has been renewed, however the series will be moving from CBS to the CW to join the networks’ DC Comics stable of shows. Producers on the show have confirmed that Season 2 will include Project Cadmus, and given the move to the CW, it seems likely that a Flash and/or Arrow and/or Legends of Tomorrow crossover will occur at some point.

Out this week
Helmed by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, International Iron Man #3 releases this week. Introducing both new villains and new allies, this issue sees Tony getting closer to discovering his birth parents’ identity.

Love the video game Tomb Raider? Then read the comic! Tomb Raider 2016 #4 hits shelves this week. Written by Eisner award winner Mariko Tamaki with art by Phillip Sevy, issue 4 sees Lara undersupplied and fighting for her survival against incredibly dangerous opponents.

Harley Quinn #28 features Harley’s insane nemesis Redtool. Yep. A character called Redtool. What else would you expect? Issue 28 is written by Amanda Connor with art by Jimmy Palmiotti.

If you loved the 90s TV show like I did, you’ll be grabbing Xena Warrior Princess #2 this week. Written by Genevieve Valentine with art by Ariel Medel, issue 2 features Xena and Gabrielle battling against the Harpies, with a little past and future conundrum thrown in for good measure.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what would happen if 140 strangers were chosen to receive the billions of dollars fortune of a dying social media mogul, then Unfollow Vol 1 is for you. Described as a survival story, and written by Rob Williams with art by Michael Dowling and R.M Guera, Unfollow explores the value of humanity and the interactions we have with one another on social media.

Finally, Silk Vol 1 – Sinister by Robbie Thompson with art by Stacey Lee and Veronica Fish releases this week, collecting issues 1-6 of Silk as well as material from Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2015). Silk features Cindy Moon, bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker, as she struggles to find her missing family whilst also embarking on a crime-fighting career.

Weekly pick
Often hailed as the quintessential Batman read, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns has pride of place on many Batman fans’ bookshelves. In Frank Miller’s critically acclaimed 1986 series, an ageing Bruce Wayne returns from retirement as Batman to face a new gang threat terrorising Gotham City. If you’ve yet to read this gem from Miller, pick up a copy and enjoy this grim and gritty romp through a dystopian Gotham City.

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