Two Aussies carve out a little piece of DOOM

The new DOOM is out today in just about every timezone, and today we’re highlighting two Australians who have left their mark on the game. There’s Mick Gordon, who crafted the new game’s iconic soundtrack – and there’s Rob Bast, who uses the game’s weapon of choice – the chainsaw – to create, rather than destroy.

A spokesperson for Bethesda comments:

The chainsaw is a key part of the DOOM Marine’s arsenal and using his own saws, Rob has painstakingly recreated one of DOOM’s most fearsome foes in the form of an incredibly detailed sculpture.

Before you ask, we’re told the wood is “recycled sustainable cypress” (although we’re not sure how “recycled” it is, unless they mean “it was once a tree and is now an 8ft tall Revenant”…). Bast spent 150 hours working on the piece, which is now on show at Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

Mick Gordon, who we think might actually be one of those biomechanical hybrids we keep hearing about, is an Australian composer and sound designer. He’s worked closely with Bethesda in recent years to create the music for Wolfenstein: The New Order (including those gorgeous retro false-history pieces), and returns once again to craft the original score for DOOM.

To illustrate the game’s portrayal of Hell and its insidious power he explored the role of energy in sound production and how the physical properties of analogue equipment can be imparted onto digital sources.

…even if you ignore that, the soundtrack is killer and deserves a listen outside of the game as well.

DOOM is available now (or in the next few hours, depending on your timezone), for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. We’ll have a review for you shortly!

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