Babel gives you the chance to translate a game

11 bit studios wants everybody to be able to play This War of Mine in their native tongue. The game was officially released in 12 different languages, but the developer wanted more – so they threw translation duties over to the game’s community. Through the innovative Babel project, the game is now also 100% available in both Vietnamese and Hungarian, neither of which are generally high on most localisation to-do lists.

Babel is both elegant to use and incredibly useful. Creating a localised version of the game is easy to start: Create an account, collect up a group of likeminded folks, and then work together to translate the game, line by line. You’re not alone! The developers stress that your translation will be ready and available in-game “in no time”, as long as you work together with your team and – importantly – maintain a good level of communication.

So – if you enjoyed This War of Mine (or if you haven’t played it but like languages), maybe consider signing up to Babel and helping with the translations. You’ll help support the game, affect development, and (excitingly!) embark on a new adventure.

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