Assassin’s Creed movie trailer is surprisingly stunning

A friend of mine just observed that you never realise just how silly video game plots actually sound until you see them presented in a movie trailer. And, well, yeah. She has a point. Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film, which debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

We were also treated to the new poster for the film, which looks less bombastic than we’d feared. Actually, the entire project looks pretty true to the franchise. It’s set in a gorgeous location, there are no big explosions and just the right amount of Hollywood badassery (not to mention the beautiful parkour already on display).

It is interesting to note that while the original game kept certain details very quiet during the initial reveal, the film has put it all front and centre. If you didn’t know that the Assassin’s Creed series was about modern-day people living out the lives of their ancestors thanks to the Animus, a machine developed by a mysterious organisation known as Abstergo Industries, you do now. On one hand, the mystery was part of what attracted people to the first game, so it’s a bit sad that it’s gone. On the other… the first game was released nearly a decade ago (!!), so it’s probably okay that things change.

The film – Assassin’s Creed – which stars Michael Fassbender as modern-day Callum Lynch (and his ancestor Aguilar de Nerha), is due in North American cinemas December 21. We are waiting to confirm an Australian release date.

(Thanks, Elissa!)

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