Battlefield 1 is the next title, not Battlefield 5. So there.

Everyone was expecting the next Battlefield title from DICE to be Battlefield 5, and that’s still kinda true, but the actual title has been revealed as Battlefield 1 instead.

It does make a certain amount of sense though as the venerable large scale war series finally goes back to World War I. The Great War was one of the largest conflicts in human history and also saw the first widescale use of a number of new weapons of war. Tanks, planes, chemical weapons and even indirect artillery fire were all used for essentially the first time as technology from the 19th century was pitched against the emerging 20th century gear.

It remains one of the darker periods in human history… but it makes for a hell of a video game, I guess?

It’s hard to tell how much of that trailer is actual gameplay footage. It could be all of it, none of it or a clever mix of the two. But early reports say it’s visually impressive and features a return to the older class system of Assault, Medic, Engineer and Scout, which is sure to delight a lot of fans.

So, when can we play it?

Battlefield 1 is scheduled for release on October 21. This year, presumably, though that is not explicitly stated in the trailer. And there’s an early access period if you have EA Access on XBOX One.

Or you can preorder and get a pack of goodies, including the Red Baron pack? And access starting October 18.

Why they can’t just release it earlier to everyone is quite beyond me, but choose wisely, I guess?

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