The Overwatch open beta is here!

Blizzard’s first shootyshooty bangbang game to make it out of the gate is in open beta for the next few days. For anyone wanting to take it for a test drive this is probably your last chance.

Featuring a bunch of crazy characters and a stylised, futuristic version of the real world, Overwatch impressed Adelaide in her time with it, though I’m still a tiny bit disappointed Tracer is not in the Collector’s Edition. Let it go, man. Let it go.

Joining the open beta is easy, just fire up the client, click the Overwatch button and then install the game. For this phase of the beta every map and playstyle is open to all comers, so what you see is about what you’ll get in the final release.

Overwatch is currently expected to release on the 24th of May, pending any last minute discoveries during this beta, theoretically.

Are you giving Overwatch a shot? Sound off in the comments or join the existing forum thread. The world could use more heroes.

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