Titanfall developer also working on a new Star Wars game

Stig Asmussen, game director of Respawn Entertainment, has announced via the studio’s blog that the Titanfall house has a new Star Wars title in the works. The announcement comes in the way of pop culture’s appreciation of Star Wars Day, May the 4th.

“We’ve all heard this story before,” Asmussen writes. “At 5 years old you see something beyond comprehension, an extraordinary fantasy that at first doesn’t seem real, but in time becomes inspirational law.  The heroes, the villains, the visions, the sounds, the music, imprinted forever.  Of course I am describing Star Wars™, the most influential franchise in modern history, and we at Respawn Entertainment are honored to have the chance to contribute to that legacy.”

titanfall pilot titan

Titanfall 2 will be featured at EA’s 2016 E3 press event and release later this year.

The as yet untitled game will be a “third-person action/adventure game,” and is another entry in what seems to be EA’s big push to make use of its exclusive partnership with Disney to create Star Wars games. Late last year saw the release of Star Wars Battlefront — developed by DICE and published by EA — with more DLC on the way through to early 2017, and another untitled Star Wars entry in development by Visceral Games headed by Amy Hennig of the PS3 Uncharted series. According to an EA Q3 2016 earnings call, the publisher’s CEO Blake Jorgensen revealed that the Visceral Star Wars game is still “a few years out in our SKU plan.” This means we still have quite some time before either of these new space-faring adventures will see the light of day.

The last Star Wars third-person action/adventure game in existence in some form was Star Wars 1313, a darker take on the series that put players in the perspective of a young Boba Fett navigating through the treacherous level 1313 — a district over a thousand levels below the surface of Coruscant. It was announced at E3 2012 however following Disney’s acquisition of Lucas Film and all Star Wars licences later that year, in April 2013 Star Wars 1313 was effectively cancelled.

Star Wars 1313’s excellent E3 2012 debut

As yet no other details were given in regards to Respawn’s new game, however given that the studio’s two games thus far are Titanfall and its soon-to-be-released sequel, it could be confidently speculated that the game may feature some impressive AT-AT/AT-ST/other walker combat. On Asmussen’s blog post reveal, he states that the studio is currently looking for new talent in all departments for this new project.

Interestingly, both new Star Wars titles are being headed by two developer personalities who played significant roles in studios responsible for two of Sony’s biggest 3rd-person action games: Asmussen previously of Santa Monica and God of War; and Hennig previously of Naughty Dog and Uncharted.

Neither game has received an official release date, but we’ll keep you covered when they do.

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