Space Pirates And Zombies 2 is coming to Early Access

Space Pirates And Zombies is one of my favourite games from the past five years, blending Star Control-like gameplay with a bunch of RPG statistical twiddling it was something I had bought on a whim and then inflicted upon various friends during Steam sales.

MinMax Games, a tiny two person studio, has been working on the sequel since announcing it two years ago and they’re finally ready to let the public put its greasy paws all over it.

Space Pirates And Zombies 2 enters Early Access on May 19. The price will be $19.99. I am a tad excited!

While it will be in “Early Access” for some time, the singleplayer experience is essentially complete, according to the developers, meaning its time to start harvesting feedback from real world gamers in advance of the implementation of the multiplayer aspects.

The original game saw you roam the galaxy trading resources, completing missions and outfitting your ships with a variety of weaponry, shields and other systems. The sequel will build upon that dramatically, with motherships being constructed from collectible parts which can be snapped together, rather than having a specific layout and set of hardpoints per ship.

SPAZ 2 will be set after the events of the first game, with zombies having trashed much of the known galaxy’s infrastructure and humanity striving to rebuild from the ashes. Both the player and AI captains will be fighting over resources or cooperating to build strongholds and trade routes and society as a whole might return to normal.

Unless zombies come back and eat everyone’s faces.

For more information and the inevitable purchasing transaction, see the Space Pirates And Zombies 2 Steam page.


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