Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare officially announced with new trailer

A new, entirely unexpected Call of Duty game has been officially announced for early November this year by Activision and boy is it a doozie.

The game’s title may have been leaked early but now we know more thanks to the trailer below that was released alongside the announcement and as you might expect, it involves a lot of people shooting a lot of other people.

And then the huge spaceships appear and the characters fly away from Earth to continue shooting each other in the big black void.

Thats right. Space. Call of Duty. In Space.

Technically, this is not the first time. The opening mission to Infinity Ward’s last effort, Call of Duty: Ghosts took place on an orbiting laser-weapon-thing which allowed for zero-g movement. It was a very solid opening for the game.

I’m actually pretty excited for this one, it looks like they may be trying something slightly different. Let’s face it, we know exactly what kind of game to expect, but my yearly dose of military-based bombast just looked that little bit more exciting. Not to mention the trailer uses a cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, I feel it could’ve been a nicer nod to the late music idol to use the original but who knows with licensing amiright?

Also is that Lance Reddick I spy there at the 2.28 mark?! Corrected: It’s actually David Harewood, he’s a great actor too! Thanks Man Jello for the correction!

Alongside this announcement it was also revealed that Activision will also be releasing a remastered version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare if you pre-order/buy the “Legacy Edition”. A great game that was brave enough to finally distance itself from World War II, a sub-genre of shooter that had become all too tired at the time. It taught a whole generation of developers how to do balls-out military action with just that little bit of extra panache.


Ignore the prices if you're not in the US!

Ignore the prices if you’re not in the US!

There is currently no confirmation as to whether they’ll release the game separately either via retail or in the digital download stores but if they want to make money I imagine you’ll see this being available close to or on release of Infinite Warfare. Although to drive pre-orders for the more expensive Legacy Edition, I wouldn’t be surprised if a separate release saw a later release date.

UPDATED: Confirmed, no separate release for Modern Warfare: Remastered. At least not at launch. Told ya so 😉

I just got another 2 reasons to look forward to November!

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