Thank Gaming It’s Friday! April 29th, 2016

Welcome to Player Attack’s TGIF, Thank Gaming It’s Friday! A weekly feature where we talk about what we’re doing over the weekend whether it’s games, movies, TV, books or anything else! We’d love to hear what you’re up to as well – heck, you might come across some like-minded people and become super friends!


Mike | @MikeNotridge 

So last weekend I ended up popping Until Dawn into my PS4 and then 8 hours later the credits were rolling. I didn’t pee, I didn’t eat and I definitely forgot to bring the washing in. That game is great and I highly recommend you try it if you haven’t experienced it for yourself yet!

This weekend I plan on messing around with Just Cause 3, also on PS4 as my ageing Nvidia 670 in my PC can’t keep up with the latest and greatest anymore.  Side-note, with the frame rates I’ve encountered in this game of PS4 as low as they can get I’m surprised it made it through cert! Even more so that they haven’t attempted to patch the performance issues…still…wingsuits are pretty cool though…

Rade | @radeylady

What are we doing this weekend, Brain?

The same thing we do every weekend, Pinkie. TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Uuuurgh, root canal recovery. I’m glad it’s almost over. This weekend has me playing some board games and video games with my friends. And I might even get some more done on my cosplay.

Matthew | @mythor

Diablo III! Season 6! Episode 1! Wait, scratch that last bit.

The sixth season starts on Saturday and I’m looking forward to rolling a new character, collecting shiny loots and having all new challenges to conquer.

Want people to play with? Join the Player Attack Diablo 3 Community! See the forum for details.

Mel | @melloncatis

I need a new game! I dub this weekend “New Game Weekend”. Help! Suggestions are most welcome/needed.

That is, of course, after serious football watching on Saturday.



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