The Untitled Podcast Project Ep:01 “#SnowIsLikeLove”

Player Attack’s The Untitled Podcast Project will come to you Thursdays, with Mike and Rade keeping you up to date with some gaming news, opinions and a nice bit of banter!

This week’s episode is “Episode 01 – #SnowIsLikeLove” and is live NOW!  Snow is a lot of things: Cold, a bastard, something you don’t see very often in Australia. According to Mike, snow is a lot like love. Mike has gone a little mental in the mild Australian winters. Allow Rade & Mike to warm you up as they talk about Mirrors Edge: Catalyst, Until Dawn, Cosplay, the limits of their Pokemon knowledge and oh yeah, Rade has a cat now! All this and more on Player Attack’s Untitled Podcast Project!

Player Attack presents The Untitled Podcast Project

Tune in!

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Mike & Adelaide (Rade)

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