Your new Super Mario Maker unlockable costume is… Babymetal!

The next unlockable costume for Super Mario Maker is a little bit metal. Nintendo has confirmed that you’ll be able to play as all three members of Japanese cult favourite band Babymetal, as long as you can beat this particular course… and you’re playing in Japan.

After beating the level, you can use the band as one unique character, moving and jumping in unison. While we’d love Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal to be three separate sprites, we’re not complaining – this is the sort of crossover we want more of!

Of course, it’s a particularly Japanese thing, so we’re not sure if the girls will make it outside of their home country, but Babymetal has been making more appearances in the west in recent times (including The Late Show with Stephen Colbert), so consider our fingers firmly crossed. (In June, the band hits the French Download Festival…)

With all this news about the future of the Wii U floating around, it might be worth dusting off your console and spending a bit more time with Super Mario Maker. The game’s been updated frequently since launch, adding all sorts of awesome new bits and pieces… but Babymetal might be the coolest.


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