Mass Effect theme park ride gets ready for blast-off in May

Remember that Mass Effect 4D amusement park ride announced last year? It’s nearly ready for visitors! California’s Great America has released a sweet new video of Mass Effect: New Earth, and announced exactly when you’ll be able to jump on and visit the Citadel.

Despite that super-helpful teaser, we still don’t know quiiite what to expect from Mass Effect: New Earth. It’s a 4D holographic journey, featuring the world’s largest LED screen. The ride has been created in conjunction with both EA and BioWare, so you know it’ll be legit, with the developer promising appearances from familiar settings and characters. The ride will put you into 3D glasses and motion-based seating, while live performers will “curate the journey”, interacting seamlessly with the “next-generation 3D visual”.

Plenty of buzzwords, but what does it all mean? We don’t have long to wait, with the all-important date revealed via Twitter: May 18.

If you want to visit California’s Great America, you have a few options. Daily tickets can set you back between US$34 and US$85, depending on what you want to do (cheaper after 4pm, more expensive for fast-lane access). Want to visit more than once? There are Season Passes for you to check out, too.

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