QUICK LOOK: Overwatch [PC/PS4/XOne]

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a huge Blizzard fan. I’ve dabbled in most of their games, but with the exception of the life-sucking Diablo 3, nothing really grabbed me. So when Player Attack was invited to the Blizzard studios in Sydney for a little time with the soon-to-be-released Overwatch on console, I went in with a completely blank slate.

I had no idea what’s going on in Overwatch. I haven’t really been paying attention to the gaming world a lot and missed a great deal of hype. From what I’ve read, there’s rogue robots, political turmoil and some super dodgy media. I knew there were trailers and animated shorts, some story bits, there were a few characters in arguably sexualized positions, and there are many guns to be had, but beyond that, not much else.

However, like all FPS/Team-based games, the lore isn’t what you’re there for. It’s a nice background decoration for the bangbang shootyshooty going on in the foreground. And, somewhat unsurprisingly, the bangbang shootyshooty made for a good time.

What was most enjoyable about the time I spent with the game was just how natural the game felt. I had played a little TF2 in my early days of srs computah gaemin’, and that’s what Overwatch feels like. There’s a nice balance of support, tank and DPS characters, and it’s incredibly pretty. The art style of Overwatch is very comicbook-esque and it works for the characters you’re playing with; they appear to be larger than life. And with a playable gorilla, it’s not far from the truth.

Blizzard has made the characters so delightful to look at, it’s almost as though they had cosplayers in mind. I immediately fell in love with the character D.Va who has a giant pink mech bunny suit and a Samus feel to her flight suit. She’s almost guaranteed to be a fan favourite for cosplayers. Although, building her mech suit may prove to be an impractical feat.

In the short two hour window of time that I got to enjoy a few rounds with friends, Overwatch got me excited. There are a few characters that I got the feel for (Mercy and D.Va are so much fun), which bodes well for players hoping to jump right in. For a developer that has never really made an FPS before, it appears well polished. I’m trying to avoid getting sucked into the culture of pre-orders because of the disappointing broken promises, but this might be something I have to put on hold. The big question: Do I choose PC or PlayStation? SO MANY CHOICES…

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