Epic Games MOBA Paragon has its open beta dates revealed

Paragon, Epic Games‘ foray into the action MOBA space, will fire up its servers and host its first open beta period later this week.



Epic Games revealed plans for two separate stress test weekends, running Thursday April 28 through Sunday May 1 and Thursday May 5 until Sunday May 8.

The servers will go live at noon Eastern, 9am Pacific, and 5pm BST (what’s that in my time zone?) on both tests.

The stress tests will be available to players on both PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, with Epic taking the opportunity of the incoming metrics to optimize matchmaking and the backend.

So, how can you get aboard the open beta? don’t worry, I got chu fam.

On PC, you’ll first need to download the Epic Games Launcher, create an account and download the game. Don’t be alarmed when the the servers show as offline, as they won’t spring alive until the aforementioned times.

For you PlayStation 4 kids it’s kind of the same deal. First you’ll need to create an Epic Games account, followed by linking your PSN account to it from here. After those steps you’ll be able to download the Paragon client through the PlayStation store. Much like the PC players, obviously you won’t be able to play until the servers go live.

Oh and everyone gets double XP over this period, which is just aces.

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