Introducing: The Player Attack PS4 Community!

Some time ago, Sony updated the software of their savagely popular PS4 console, bringing with it some improvements and a couple of new features.

One of those new features was the ability to join ‘Communities’.

And now Player Attack has one!

Player Attack PS4 Community!

Player Attack PS4 Community!

By joining the Player Attack Community via your PS4 console you can play games or party up with other community members, fans of the site/TV show/podcast or even the presenters/contributors themselves!

So if you own a PS4 and are looking for buddies to hit the Destiny raids, grab some loot in Borderlands, partake in some jolly cooperation or PvP in Dark Souls III, or any other game on PS4 for that matter,  search for and join the Player Attack Community, everyone is welcome! Bring your friends!

See you there!

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