Steam Weekly Top Sellers: April 25th, 2016

Each week, gamers around the world log onto digital distribution platform Steam, to get their latest gaming fix, and every week, Player Attack lets you know which games were the most popular.

It’s another Monday, and we’re all a little bit exhausted after our ESL One Manila Dota 2 Viewing Party last night – but the show must go on, and people are still buying games on Steam! This week – just like last week – and probably like next week – people are still lining up to play Dark Souls III, which is out now for all major platforms. Various editions of the game take out four of the top five slots (congratulations to Final Fantasy IX for sneaking in there at #3), ranging from the standard edition (at #1) to the Japanese pre-purchase, the Deluxe Edition and even the Deluxe Edition pre-purchase.

As well as all that, there’s no real surprises in the second half of the chart, except for that there Darksiders Franchise Pack, which will save you a few bucks if you want to dip your toes into some Darker waters.

Dark Souls continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in the critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series. Prepare yourself and Embrace The Darkness!
#2 – DARK SOULS III Pre-Purchase (JP)
#3 – DARK SOULS III Deluxe Edition
#5 – DARK SOULS III Deluxe Edition Pre-Purchase
#6 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
#7 – Enter the Gungeon
#8 – Stardew Valley
#9 – Grand Theft Auto V
#10 – Darksiders Franchise Pack

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