What’s this? A Player Attack Podcast?

This year, Player Attack has endeavoured to bring you more from our minions contributors. This has varied from more reviews, previews, special reports and not to mention my very own Videogame Shoebox retro-regression sessions that appear on the TV show. Now though, the planets have aligned and the gaming equinox has occurred, allowing us to shift into the next phase… Player Attack now has a podcast!



Player Attack’s The Untitled Podcast Project will come to you Thursdays, with myself and Rade┬ákeeping you up to date with some gaming news, opinions and a nice bit of banter!

This week’s episode, entitled “Episode 00 – Gettin’ to know ya!” Sees Rade and I actually, verbally speaking to each other for the first time! With some minor technical difficulties as we mess around with pop-screens and different mic setups, something scary outside the window and a hatred for pants, we recorded the start of a beautiful friendship. Peek behind the curtain as a first meeting that was not supposed to be a recorded podcast became the foundation of what’s to come!

Just pop “PlayerAttack” into your favourite podcast player and hit “subscribe” to get in on the action, that way you’ll never miss an episode!

You can also use this handy link for iPhone/iPad users. It works on PC/Mac too!

We’re also on Twitter @PAUntitledCast, give us a follow to keep up with our adventures and be sure to say hi! We’d love to hear from you!

Have fun out there, we look forward to many more episodes to come.

Mike & Adelaide (Rade)

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