ADELAIDE EVENT: Dota 2 Viewing Party – Indie game showcase revealed!

Just in case that whole Dota 2 Viewing Party wasn’t enticing enough, let me tell you what else is happening at Fowler’s Live this Sunday evening: A showcase of some of the most exciting new indie games, all made right here in Adelaide!

Come one, come all!

Come one, come all!

Come along on Sunday and you’ll be able to play these great games:

Metroidvania platformer Project Permanence!

Vincent the Vampire – a modern take on the point-and-click adventure genre. This isn’t just another LucasArts/SCUMM clone, with a gorgeous art style perfectly matched with the dark, off-beat humour that comes when an office clerk must save the world from “Vampires, Werewolves, Cyborgs and Lawyers”.

Smartphone game RuneCaster puts you in control of an ancient druid sect that must protect the ancient plane of Hayashi. Taking advantage of the hardware its played on, you cast runic spells by drawing interesting patterns.

3D platforming FPS The Icebox uses procedurally generated levels to ensure each playthrough is unique. Hack terminals, evade AI squads, search for hidden loot and – of course – try to escape the digital prison!

“Quirky psychological horror adventure” Caffeine – you’re a young boy stranded on a spaceship that’s been sent to mine minerals needed to make artificial caffeine after the Earth’s reserves are depleted!

…and, for something a little bit different: Bloody Quest, a brand new pen-and-paper RPG set in a historical/fantasy setting and full of blood, gore and combat resolution.

This will be playing in the other room.

This will be playing in the other room.

Remember, the Dota 2 ESL One Viewing Party hits Fowler’s Live in Adelaide on Sunday, April 24 from 6pm. It’s a licensed, all-ages event, tickets are $5 at the door, and if you needed further encouragement, we’ve just sorted out some pretty killer prizes that you could win just by being there!

Join the Facebook event, tell your friends, and come watch some eSports on a massive, 12ft screen.

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