Minecon 2016 hits California in September, tickets on sale next month

After events in Las Vegas, Paris, Florida and London, Minecon is once again returning to North America, with Mojang setting a date and time for the fifth official Minecraft convention. If you want to hang out with hordes of blockheads, you’ll need to be at the Anaheim Convention Center, September 24-25.

This year, you can expect the traditional exhibition floor, as well as interactive exhibits and keynote events. Discussion panels are yet to be announced, with suggestions for panel topics welcomed (soon). And for those of you who like dressing up, the costume contest is returning! (Want to watch last year’s?)

Tickets for the event are strictly limited, and will be sold via Minecraft.net in two batches. The first 6,000 go on sale on May 6 at 6pm Pacific (What’s that in my timezone?), with the second 18 hours later, at midday PT May 7 (What’s that in my timezone?).

…and if you’re thinking about going, you’ll probably need to raid the piggybank: Tickets are US$160 each, but in the family-friendly spirit of the game, children 3 and under will be admitted free.

In an effort to crack down on reselling and ticket scalping, you’ll need to provide a name for each ticket holder at time of purchase. Tickets are non-transferrable, but refunds can be requested up to 15 days before the event. Oh, and here’s a handy website full of ticketing info, if you need more of that – including details on how to become a volunteer Minecon Agent!

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