The 2016 MCV Pacific Women in Games list – including Player Attack!

We here at Player Attack think women in gaming deserve to be recognised and the wider gaming industry agrees with us. In 2015, MCV Pacific published a list of 75 influential Women in Gaming to showcase the evolving diversity in the Australian and New Zealand gaming industry. Today, the 2016 list has been announced!

Just some of the great women in gaming from Australia and New Zealand

Just some of the great women in gaming from Australia and New Zealand

The list, which is full of inspirational women, is full of different roles and aspects of gaming in Australia. It includes Liz Alexander from EA Asia Pacific, Rae Johnston from Gizmodo, Dr. Jennifer Hazel who created Prescription Pixel and Amy Potter from NZ startup Leaping Tiger along with 95 other, equally deserving women.

Our very own writer-wrangler and Editrix Jessica Citizen finds herself on the list, too! (We never doubted it for a second!)

The importance of highlighting the roles that women play in gaming can’t be understated. In 2016, we still hear the same old “There aren’t enough women in gaming” argument, or the more frustrating “Hire on merit, not gender” speech. However, encouraging girls and women into the video games industry is beneficial to everyone who works in games, plays games, has anything to do with games. You’ll get better characters, more in-depth stories and more people to enjoy games with.

Rae Johnston sums it up perfectly.

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