Fable Legends beta servers officially switched off

Fable Legends has been taken offline. The game, which only ever made it to the closed beta stage, was cancelled earlier this month, at the same time as Microsoft closed developer Lionhead Studios. Despite rumours that it may one day return, for now, the game’s servers have been turned off and the game is officially dead.

Those rumours have actually come from within Lionhead itself, with developers claiming they were “in discussions” regarding the future of the free-to-play RPG. While some conversations were over redundancy plans, other meetings were allegedly determining whether the team could continue working on Fable Legends. (Take this all with a grain of salt – one source says these meetings happened, another was unable to verify the claims.)

It’s a sad end for a game that looked like it was going to be quite exciting – a co-operative asymmetrical multiplayer experience with four Heroes and a Villain. It was first announced in 2013, and promised cross-platform multiplayer between Windows PC and Xbox One copies of the game.

The last we heard from the project saw the 2015-scheduled game delayed to later this year so Lionhead could give it some further polish… but then Microsoft pulled the pin. Oh Fable Legends, we hardly knew you!

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