Suda51 promises PS4-exclusive Let it Die is still due out this year

Cult game designer Goichi Suda (creator of killer7, No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw – better known as Suda51) has stepped out of the shadows once again to reassure everybody that he’s not dead, and is still hard at work on his next game.

Let it Die, first revealed back in 2014, is a bizarre-looking PS4 exclusive action brawler with some survival features thrown in. Even after chatting to Suda-san about it, we still don’t really know much about the game, as Grasshopper Manufacture has kept pretty quiet on the project – until now, when this new trailer has burst onto our screens.

Executive producer Kazuki Morishita explains:

The world we are creating will push the envelope for asynchronous, free-to-play. The trademark Grasshopper visual and narrative flair remains a signature for the title.

Suda51 has also promised that he will be showing off the game personally at PAX East later this month in Boston (his first time at the show after four years away) – and attendees will be the first to get hands-on time with the Let It Die demo. The rest of us might have to wait for the game launch – which should be later this year!

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