Titanfall 2 to be revealed at EA Play in June

We all knew that EA’s big alternate-E3 event was always going to be packed with reveals. Today – two months out from EA Play – we’ve been given a sneaky peek into what one of them will be.

No surprises, it’s Titanfall 2.

“Check out the teaser trailer,” says EA, “and get a glimpse of what awaits you on the Frontier.”

From the looks of things: South African accents, and more giant mechs. And, for fans of the first game, please note that the crashed pod bears the name of James MacAllan…

The big reveal is planned for June 12, Los Angeles time (hence the June 13 in the localised Australian trailer above) – that is, right at the beginning of the EA Play event being held just before E3.

Player Attack will be in Los Angeles for the event, so we should have all the details on Titanfall 2 for you as soon as they’re revealed. In the meantime, maybe watch that teaser a few more times and see what other tidbits are tucked away in those few seconds!

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