Your World of Tanks Grand Final winner is NA’VI!

The electrifying World of Tanks Grand Finals are over and NA’VI have been crowned the mighty iron clad champions!

The final day was wrought with equally as much heart-stopping, shell-pounding action as the Day One preliminaries!

Quarter-Final Results

The quarter finals saw some serious skin-of-your-teeth wins and some absolute steam-rollings. Regardless of nature each explosive victory was punctuated by the tumultuous applause and roars of the crowd!

Hellraisers: 5 – Tornado Rox: 4

NSS: 5 – SIMP: 4

NA’VI: 5 – Kazna Kru: 0

Wombats on Tanks: 5 – Yato Gaming: 0

Semi-Final Results

The semi-finals ferocity and level of competition was what you would expect from this late in the tournament, with none of the teams wanting to concede a soft defeat after coming so far.

Hellraisers and NSS initially seemed equally matched until NSS showed the slightest weakness in their formations, which was all Hellraisers needed to tactfully strike and secure the win.

The tournament favorites, Wombats and NA’VI, got their grudge filled rematch, with Wombats on Tanks coming out of the gate strong and looking for blood. The first few rounds saw a solid back and forth until Wombats suffered a high damage and, worse still, demoralizing roll over. NA’VI wasted no time descending on their shaken opposition and consistently locking away the next 3 rounds; securing the victory.

Hellraisers: 5 – NSS: 3

NA’VI: 5 – Wombats on Tanks: 2

Third Place Results

Wombats on Tanks: 5 – NSS: 3

Final Results

The final could not have been any more close, with NA’VI and Hellraisers both fighting tooth and nail for the coverted title of World Champions. Hellraisers started off strong, taking the first round confidently, before the game fell into an ebb and flow that saw one team pulling ahead only to have the score evened the next round.

After 12 rounds the score was deadlocked, with the crowd erupting into an intense fervor at the announcement of a deciding sudden death round. Everything looked set for a Hellraisers victory, with MVP and proven clutch player applewow sitting pretty with almost full HP against an opponent on the brink of death. However the Tank Gods had other plans, with applewow falling afoul of the new physics engine and getting literally stuck between a rock and a hard place; effectively taking him out of the game. And like that, the game was decided and NA’VI raised the trophy triumphantly.

NA’VI: 7 – Hellraisers: 6

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