Black Desert Online is super-successful in the west

Korean MMO Black Desert Online – the one with that amazing character creator – has officially sold more than 400,000 copies since launching in the west. The game’s been available to European and North American gamers for just over a month, and while Daum Games expected things to go well, even the publisher is surprised.

Daum Games Europe CEO Min Kim explains:

Considering the upward trend, I expect that the game will achieve over one million sales this year. What’s impressive is these figures far exceed those in the domestic market.

Boasting an average of 100,000 concurrent users, Black Desert Online is already more popular than many other Korean online games available in North America and Europe, topping giants like Guild Wars and Metin 2. Kim says the popularity is thanks to the game’s premium business model in the west – as compared to the free-to-play version available in Korea.

As of now, Black Desert Online is recording sales that far exceed those of other games that have hit the North American and European markets. Black Desert Online’s sales are already much bigger than those of such games in their best days.

At this stage, the western release is lagging behind the Korean version, which launched two years ago. Don’t worry though, Daum Games is promising near-monthly content updates, which should have the EU/NA game caught up in no time. The latest expansion, Mediah, hit on March 30.

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