Heroes of the Storm: Tracer from Overwatch has joined your party

Heroes of the Storm is a celebration of some of Blizzard’s most beloved characters, so it was inevitable that some familiar faces from Overwatch would pop up inside the MOBA. The first one was announced this weekend during the Heroes of the Storm Spring Championships – and, of course, it’s Tracer.

The feisty British time-jumping adventurer brings some new abilities and talents with her when she hops into the Nexus, as well as her chronal accelerator and a pair of pulse pistols. Her aim – as the game’s Assassin – is to catch enemies off-guard and then vanish before they know what’s what!

Unlike any other character in the game, Tracer is able to move while attacking, and while she only has one Heroic ability, she can upgrade it in three different ways.

Tracer will be available in Heroes of the Storm from April 19th – but there’s a catch: She’ll initially only be available to gamers who pre-purchase a digital copy of Overwatch: Origins Edition for Windows PC via Battle.net (she’ll be waiting for you in Heroes the moment she goes live). If you’re not the pre-ordering type, Tracer will be unlocked for sale for everybody starting April 26.

This lady’s set to shake up the battlefield… see you in the Nexus!

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