New live-action trailer heralds DOOM closed multiplayer beta

We’ve never really fully understood why you’d make a live-action trailer for a video game (surely, showing the actual game would be the best selling point for a new title?). But whatever the reason, there’s a brand new one out now for DOOM. Directed by Joe Kosinski from Tron: Legacy, and with a soundtrack from New Noise, it’s kinda awesome.

Bethesda has also named the dude you see before you (and you’ll play as in the game) – he is, officially, “the DOOM Marine”, which is better than having a big build-up only to reveal he’s actually called John.

DOOM is set to launch on May 13, 2016, and is the latest title from id Software. The studio that pioneered the first-person shooter is back, with a whole new stack of demons, some ridiculously impressive weaponry, and all the fast, fluid combat you could want. Play through the single-player campaign or duke it out amongst your friends in an assortment of multiplayer modes… and yes, there is modding functionality built right into the game.

If you’d like to go hang out with the DOOM Marine, the game’s Closed Multiplayer Beta has kicked off this morning, and runs from April 1-April 4 (Australian time – What’s that in my timezone?), for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Presumably, if you have access to the beta, you’re already well aware of it – and you’re probably already playing.

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