Watch the Uncovered: Final Fantasy 15 event right here

If you’re ready to do a bit more waiting, Square Enix has a treat for you. The publisher is getting ready to host an Uncovered event in Hollywood to reveal the release date for Final Fantasy 15. If you want to watch the festivities, we’ve got all the information you need, right here.

The Californian event is not just for the release date, though. Those lucky enough to be in attendance will also be given the opportunity to go hands-on with a tech demo – a video of which seems to have leaked a little bit early.

The video shows Noctis as a child, in a playable dream sequence where he is lead through a forest by Final Fantasy summon Carbuncle.

If that wasn’t enough of a spoiler for you, here’s another one: FF15 will (apparently) launch around the world on September 30th, on PS4 and Xbox One.

This ties in with earlier rumours that suggested the same date for the game, but of course it’s not yet confirmed so maybe don’t mark it in the calendar just yet.

Uncovered kicks off at 7pm Californian time, which is in around, oh… five minutes from now. If you’d prefer to watch the event elsewhere, here’s the Twitch stream.

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