Australia’s own AC1 Sentinel rolls out in World of Tanks

As promised, there’s a new kid on the block in World of Tanks. The Australian Cruiser tank Mark 1 (Sentinel) is now fully playable for anyone who wants to own a virtual piece of Australian military history – and it looks great!

World of Tanks - AC 1 Sentinel

World of Tanks – AC 1 Sentinel

Kingsley is currently in Cairns checking out the real-world Sentinel (take a look at the pictures on Instagram if you want to see more!), but if you can’t quite get to far north Queensland, Wargaming has the next best thing.

The Sentinel was the only tank mass-produced in Australia, and was originally designed as an alternative to the WWII light tanks from both America and Britain. It was the first tank to be built with a single-piece cast hull, and was built in response to a feared Japanese invasion of Australia.

Despite best intentions, the Sentinel never saw any action, as the Australian armed forces had already been provided with British and American tanks by the time the AC1 was ready for battle.

Now though, the Sentinel can have its day in the (virtual) sun! It’s been introduced to both World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz as a Tier IV premium medium tank, under the British tech tree (Australia doesn’t have its own in-game, yet…).

World of Tanks - AC 1 Sentinel

World of Tanks – AC 1 Sentinel

Purchasing the tank will get you – obviously – the AC1 Sentinel and a garage slot, plus in-game gold and a special AUS customisation pack (including several unique emblems and a special camouflage pattern).

The AC1 Sentinel is available now at two different price points: The standard will cost you US$10.00 including 1,200 gold, while the Ultimate – for US$30.00 comes with 5,700 gold.

But be quick – the Sentinel is only available until May 1, 2016 – and then it’ll be gone for good!

For more information on the AC1 Sentinel in World of Tanks, check out the World of Tanks website (which also has information on a special, Sentinel-only challenge). We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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