Australian cosplayer Major Sam crowned Global Cosplay Champion

We’ve always known that Australia produced some amazing cosplay talent, but it’s now been officially recognised (again). Australia’s own Major Sam Cosplay has taken out the Crown Championships of Cosplay at C2E2 in Chicago, officially named Global Cosplay Champion.

Major Sam as Julietta Necromancer

Major Sam as Julietta Necromancer

Major Sam (Sam Mansfield) was named Australian Champion at the Oz Comic-Con Australian Championships of Cosplay in September last year, and she’s spent much of the past six months carefully handcrafting her stunning, award-winning costume.

The somewhat obscure character – Japanese artist Sakizo’s Julietta Necromancer from Fantasy of the Dream – shared the stage with more familiar faces, including an orc from Warcraft, an assortment of Iron Mans (including a Hulkbuster), Ludo from Labyrinth, Groot, and a beautiful Cinderella.

Taking hundreds of hours to complete – and costing hundreds of dollars to create – Julietta Necromancer features a many-layered skirt, a complicated fan of skulls and articulated skeleton hands.

Major Sam is now taking a well-earned break, but fellow Australian cosplayers shouldn’t rest for too long: The Australian Championships of Cosplay are kicking off again at Oz Comic-Con throughout 2016, with state finals in Perth (April 2-3), Adelaide (April 9-10), Melbourne (June 11-12), Sydney (September 10-11) and Brisbane (September 17-18), with the national winner crowned in September and invited to compete in the 2017 Crown Championships of Cosplay at C2E2 in Chicago.

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at dressing up as your favourite character – what are you waiting for?

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